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Shades of Angels – Paperback

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  1. I was given a copy of this book and this is my impartial review. I have read a number of books and even taken a few classes about angels and demons. I am fascinated by the topic.

    I liked Shades of Angels for a few reasons.
    * The first is that it has information about all levels of angels as well as demons. Ms. Gray went the extra mile by including other experts on the topic as well as adding in source material when necessary. I found the book to be a fabulous reference on angels and demons. I will keep the book close at hand to use as a reference in my other work.
    * I also liked the variety of statues and cemetery angles presented in photo graphs throughout the book. The photos help to translate some of the more esoteric information into the real world if only by showing that humanity has interacted with these beings since the beginning of time.
    * Finally, there’s a real sense that Ms. Gray and her experts did their research. Much of what is written about angels and demons is written from someone’s personal experience. It’s delightful to see the personal connect to the factual.

    If you’re interested in angels and/or demons, this is a great book to add to your collection.

  2. A book that will please all! A beautiful cover and includes illustrations from a talented artist as long as many beautiful photographs of angel statues!
    The author, Teal Gray, not only has experience with angels and discusses these occurrences, but also includes poetry and great history.
    A psychically connected Christian, she discusses the history of angels and their roles in varying religions. This book includes how to realistically connect with them as authentic beings and how important their roles are in our lives.
    While being skeptic in many cases, the author details how certain angelic events have shaped her life and made her understand the importance of being open to what the angels are trying to convey to us.
    A wonderful read, full of fascinating details and stories as well as lovely pictures and photographs, I recommend; Shades of Angels, for dreamers, readers, the spiritually awaken and the genuinely curious.

  3. Teal, it is an amazing book! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. The stories were engaging and fun to read, even the scary ones. I liked learning about the different world views too. I used to think of only the light Angels, but I won’t anymore!

  5. Beth Deering is the real thing.
    She truly attributes her gift to the good Lord above.
    I have personally seen her bring healing to those in need with her amazing gift of communicating with loved ones that have passed to their heavenly home. Absolute peace for so many people.

  6. This book is insightful and very well written. It’s broken down into sections that can be used as reference points, which I found very helpful. I believe this book would be great for anyone looking for answers to unexplained occurrences in their lives.

  7. This book is beautiful reminder of the power that guides and spirit within all humanity .Declarations of testaments are wonderfully told.

  8. Loved this book! The stories are captivating and thought provoking. The photos are quietly beautiful and the book’s illustrations are stunning. This is a must have for anyone who has ever wondered about the afterlife or anything pertaining to angels, both light and dark.

  9. This is the most life changing book I have read in a long time. I never thought about the different types of Angels before. This is a great reference book for anyone wanting to learn more about this subject. I enjoyed all the different stories, they were informative and some even scary.

  10. Teal Gray’s research into angels (and demons) as well as the contributions of other writers and artists make this book a must read for angel lovers. I could spend hours just meditating on the photos by Tui Snider and the artwork of Mark Elliott Fults! The Shades of Angels is a work of love, belief and understanding of things beyond black and white.

  11. I love the book. I have personally had several readings from Beth Deering. My brother Chris’s story is in the book called Christophers passing. My family, myself, and Beth were present when my brother passed from cancer. Beth held his hand and seen my family members that had passed preparing dinner and waiting on my brother to arrive. It was the most beautiful and comforting experience I have ever had. She is the real deal. Michele Bakos

  12. Teal not only takes us through her own personal journey and experiences but she express others as well. Her knowledge about Angels, Spirits, and otherwise are far and wide. This book is a wonderful read if you have any curiosity about life, death, and transition is concerned. She also has many beautiful poems that she wrote herself. I recommend this book to anyone who is getting into the study of other realms. Excellent!

    ~Jen Devillier~
    Author of “Dark Night Haunting”

  13. I picked this up and couldn’t put it down! A book about angels…presented in a way that truly reaches out to the reader. The author deals with many different views on Angels and their place in our lives in a way that brought me so much peace. This book is full of beautiful illustrations and photos that will make you want to look at them over and over. Do your inner self a favor and read this book. Thank you Teal Gray for sharing your gift with the world!

  14. Its a fresh take on the world view of Angels mixed with psychic stories and evaluations. I especially love the story of the dying little boy and his ‘friends’. chilling and sweet at the same time. Unforgettable stories by working psychics its a must read!

  15. More than a primer in angelology, this book expands the subject of angels by relating true experiences with angels, NDEs, ADCs and other paranormal phenomena through an ecumenical lens. Worth a read for those individuals that can personally relate to those experiences and for those individuals for whom the subject is new. The photographs of angel statues and drawings of angels enhance the read in inspiring artists and photographers, as well as writers, to see, learn and understand the Unseen.

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