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Leafy Sage/Cedar/Rosemary Smudge Stick

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  1. OMG!!! Teal L. Gray this is AWESOME!!! It smells Heavenly!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!! Everyone go to and get yours today!!!! Teal I will be placing an order very soon!!!! The smell is AMAZING!!!! OMG this made my day!!!
    I AM SOOOOO NOT KIDDING…… these smell like nothing I have ever smelt before….the smell is just amazing!!! Thank you again!

  2. I got my smudge stick today, absolutely beautiful!!! The work put into it is unreal! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Using Teals sacred Sage bundle and Spray for an exorcism of evil energy from a home. The items were beautiful in function and in perfume. I suggest these to anyone serious about cleansing. Thank you, so much dear Teal it was a wonderful addition to my set of spiritual tools.

  4. The sage bundles are almost too pretty to burn!

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