Purifying Potpourri


Purifying Potpourri – About 4 Cups per bag

• Holy water used in the products is gathered from around the world in Teal’s sacred site travels.
• All scents, holy oils and aromatherapy oils are organic and cruelty free.


Purifying Potpourri – About 4 Cups per bag
Sage, cedar, Rosemary, lavender, rose petals, holy water, purifying oils and sea salt.

Clear out negative energy and bring in positive, uplifting, healing energy into any space. Our homegrown, harvested and handmade products are here to help you in every situation. Can’t light a smudge stick in your office or hotel room? Allergic to smoke? Use our purifying spray or potpourri to do the same job of clearing out negative, low level energy. Choose what works best for you.

Additional information

Weight .14 lbs
Dimensions 6 x .3 x 9 in

3 reviews for Purifying Potpourri

  1. Teal Gray

    I put the potpourri in gauze bags under the seat of my car to help ease the stress while driving and I feel like it helps me.

  2. Teal Gray

    I toss a handful of your potpourri into my fire pit before company comes over to bless the space, then I throw another handful in after they leave to clear away any unwanted energy and the whole feel of my backyard has changed!

  3. Teal Gray

    We love the potpourri! My husband says that the corner where we have often felt a disturbance feels better now.

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