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The Granbury Doll House – Preserving Memories

October 19, 2016

The Granbury Doll House resides in an enchanting, two story historic beauty built in 1905. You will find it nestled behind a charming little fence, on a tree lined street, right off the square in Granbury, Texas. Cradled within its walls is a magnificent collection of dolls from around the world. Even with over 2500… Read More ›

Telling A Ghost Story To A Ghost

Telling a Ghost Story to a Ghost By Teal L. Gray There’s something wonderful about a summer evening rain breaking the grip of the scorching Texas heat. It elevates your mood and energy, and makes being outside a lot more pleasant. So when family friends invited Casey’s over for a late evening cookout, they jumped… Read More ›

Where Do Monsters Go To Fit In

Where can a Monster go to fit in if they are afraid of the dark? When they feel uncomfortable in tight places, so never sleep under the bed but on top with a nightlight instead? Where can a Monster find friends to play in the sunshine and pick pretty flowers to wear in their hair?… Read More ›